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5 Essential Design Tips for Your PowerPoint Presentation

May 30 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When designing your PowerPoint presentation, it’s essential to ensure that it’s promoting you and/or your business professionally and effectively to your contacts. It needs to enhance your branding and image to your audience so that they get a clear idea of who you are and what you represent. If the design doesn’t match the content and message, then it will only leave your audience confused.

So here are 5 essential design tips that you need to consider when putting together your PowerPoint presentation.

Theme. Before you start creating your presentation, you need to think about what kind of image you want to promote to your audience. This will determine the kind of theme, colour scheme and font style you choose for your presentation. Whether you use one of the ready-made themes or design one yourself, take some time to think about which one is right for you.

Colour scheme. The colour scheme should match your branding and ideally should be the same one that you use on your website and/or blog so you have seamless branding across all your profiles. Whichever colour scheme you choose, make sure that any text, images, and graphics you put on the slides can be easily read by your audience.

Background image. You can add background styles such as images, textures and patterns to your slides. These are a good way to make your presentation stand out but again, make sure that your background doesn’t affect the visibility of any text or graphics that you put on the slide. If you do decide to add a background image then it’s a good idea to make it transparent so that it appears as a faded watermark.

Font. There are various factors to consider when selecting the right font. First of all, it has to be one that can be clearly read by your audience. Secondly, the font needs to match the tone of your presentation. Fonts like Arial or Calibri are fine for a professional presentation, but you may want to avoid fonts like Comic Sans if you want to be taken seriously. Finally, ensure that the font is the right size so that those sitting at the back of the venue can easily read the slides.

Save theme for future use. Once you’ve selected and adapted your theme, then save it so that you can use it again for future presentations. By using the same theme again, you will reinforce your company branding with your audience. They will therefore be more likely to remember you when they see another one of your presentations.

These 5 essential design tips for your PowerPoint presentation will mean that you will be able to promote your business professionally and effectively to your audience so that they remember you and your presentation long after the event.

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Spectacular Content Presentation Tips – Producing a Winning Presentation

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How To Producing a Winning Presentation

Producing a winning presentation is more than just arranging a number of facts in a logical manner and conveying it to your listeners. You must engage the audience in multiple ways to successfully achieve the communication goals you should have. Sensory and emotional communications dominate the proceeding of a successful presentation. However, there must also be logical and obvious points to maintain the audience’s attention and interest.

What Will a Successfully Persuasive Presentation Accomplish?

A winning presentation will accomplish many tasks, such as:

  • Persuade the audience on a particular point
  • Educating the audience
  • Expanding existing knowledge
  • Offering a fresh perspective to a current topic
  • Point out personal value
  • Relate relevance of the information
  • Exude importance
  • Interest the listeners

The audience’s evaluation is of great importance and will improve with a broader context. If the audience is not persuaded on the point that you are targeting, their evaluation of your presentation will not likely be positive.

How to Reach Your Audience in a Way They will Receive

Presenting is all about understanding the audience, including what they expect, how they receive, process, and retain information. You must create clear presentation objectives and focus on them. Straying from your objective’s boundaries will cause an unfocused and scattered presentation.

Engage both right brain and left brain thinking. Do not simply focus on the organization, details, facts, and statistics of a presentation that cater to the left brain thinking. You must also feed the big picture, intuitive, imaginative, and holistic features of the right brain. An excellent presentation will use balanced techniques on sensory, emotional, and analytical levels.

You must make a connection on the sensory and emotional levels to add a human dimension and perspective to your analytical content. Engaging the senses aids in grabbing the listeners’ attention and improving memory recall. Emotional balance builds rapport and creates influence with the audience. Emotion is a huge driving factor when making a final decision. Use your knowledge of how the human brain receives processes and remembers information to develop and deliver a presentation that will easily lend itself to the audience.

In a Nutshell

By implementing the techniques discussed to engage whole brain thinking and address every level of communication, you will achieve positive results from your presentation. Greater productivity is reached when you focus on important issues. Clarity is achieved when information is concise and balanced. Addressing the emotional and sensory levels creates a human connection that is priceless.

By employing the techniques we have discussed to engage your audience’s senses, connect with them on an emotional level, and convey a fresh perspective on the targeted content you will be on your way to producing and delivering a powerfully persuasive presentation. Compliment that by balancing both analytical information and big picture thinking and your presentations will shine above others.

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Ways to Effectively Prepare for a Business Presentation

May 28 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

In the world of businesses, staying ahead of the competition is all about being able to outsell them. In order to outsell them, businesses need to continually gain new clients as well as new investors. A great way to accomplish these goals is to present clients and investors with business presentations. In doing so, businesses are able to convince their audiences as to why doing business with them can be beneficial. A good presentation includes one that is content-rich, well-focused, and interesting. Below are some excellent ways to prepare and give an effective presentation.


All good presentations start out with careful research; this research should help determine what key phrases need to be used within a presentation as well as what topics the presentation needs to be focused on. Generally, a person preparing a presentation knows what the main topic will be focused around; however, two to four subtopics should be identified and discussed too.

Choose a Slide Layout

If using PowerPoint to give a presentation, it is important to choose an effective slide layout. While every slide may not conform to the exact chosen layout, most slides should. This helps an audience stay engaged into the presentation instead of bouncing their eyes around from one slide to another trying to figure out where the relevant content being discussed is located. In many instances, it is wise to provide audiences with bullet point or numbered lists. Lists make a presentation appear neat, well-organized, and professional.

Avoid All Caps

Spelling out words in all caps tends to distract audiences and can make them feel like they are being shouted at. If words need emphasis placed on them, it is usually best to bold them.

Avoid Distracting Fonts

The best type of font to use in a presentation is usually Times Roman Numeral or Arial.

Choose a Good Background

When giving a presentation in PowerPoint, make sure slides are accompanied with an appropriate background. In most cases, it is best to use dark colored text on a background of light color. Also, avoid using backgrounds that are patterned. Most of all, make sure that the color scheme used throughout an entire presentation does not vary. For those who are giving a presentation through other means besides PowerPoint, it is always good to have a proper backdrop; this helps make sure an audience is not distracted.

Images and Charts

No matter what type of presentation is being given, it is always smart to include images and charts. In doing so, businesses can effectively communicate the information they want an audience to interpret.

Proper Preparation

In order to give an effective business presentation, the best thing a person can do is make sure he or she is properly prepared. Preparation includes developing and reciting the information to be spoken about. Many testify that the more they recite the prepared content out loud, the better prepared they are when actually giving the presentation.

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Debt Negotiation – What is a Debt Settlement and When Does it Make Financial Sense?

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You might have heard about debt settlement from a friend or read about it online. It has become a very popular option in 2010 and it is much more used than bankruptcy; which is a good thing. The government is trying to discourage consumers from filing for bankruptcy and so it gives them alternatives like a settlement that promise to help consumers pay back their debt and not file for bankruptcy.

Debt settlement is also known as debt negotiation and this is how it mainly works, by negotiation. It is a process in which you talk with the creditor and ask for a lower amount of debt to pay back. This involves a series of offers and contra offers until you reach an agreement and can be done with debt settlement letters. You can find samples of such letters online and it is good to use them rather than just talking. At least this way you have a signed legal document.

If you don’t think you can do it alone, you can always hire a settlement company to do the negotiations for you. They provide professional help and they can get you a reduction of 40-60%; this is quite a lot and it does make any debt much more affordable. Most creditors will ask for the rest in a lump sum and you will have to save some money in a separate account. The first monthly deposits will go the settlement company to cover their fees and only then will you start saving money for the creditor. You should have this amount in 2 or 3 years, depending on your financial possibilities.

A settlement makes sense if you have unsecured debt of more than 10.000 dollars and you can’t afford to pay it back. It is much better than bankruptcy and should involve less stress if you do it properly. You also have to be willing to pay half of your debt back and not just want it all gone. Debt settlement doesn’t affect your credit score in a bad way so you don’t have to worry about that.

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8 Top Challenges To Achieving Presentation Success

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Do you give presentations? If you are in business, leadership or sales, you most definitely are answering a big, emphatic, “Yes!”

What are the top challenges that you must overcome if you want to guarantee success? Read this short article to discover the challenges…so you can win at presenting.

Challenge 1: Information Overwhelm

Let’s face the facts. Your audience is overloaded, overwhelmed and overworked. If you load a ton of information on your already maxed out audience, what do you think will happen?

Not a whole lot!

It’s up to you to pierce the glazed looks and already full brains of your audience. Hint: keep your message simple and easy to understand.

Challenge 2: Unfocused Attention

What’s your audience thinking about? Everything but your presentation. They are preoccupied with unfinished work, urgent problems, and perhaps, their own presentation.

If you want to grab attention, you have to act fast. Share compelling stories, alarming statistics and fascinating news. This is the fastest way to flip the ‘trip switch’ and win attention for what you have to share.

Challenge 3: More Unfocused Attention

Just because you overcame Challenge 2, doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. You have to win it — and sustain it. Otherwise, your audience will resume to texting, checking email, having side conversations and reading the handouts.

‘Fess up. You’ve done it when you’ve been in the audience. If the presenter is boring, the audience will look elsewhere.

This is why it’s incredibly helpful to plan your presentation with a storyboard. On a single page you can organize your story for maximum impact, specific connection, and focused flow.

Challenge 4: In Love with Instant

Fast. Faster. Fastest.

Your audience is looking for instant solutions. And most likely, they want them yesterday. This is a huge challenge if you are proposing long-term solutions, sharing detailed research findings, or recommending slow strategies.

Whether you are speaking at an industry conference, in a video, or at client presentations, you must embrace the desire for immediate relief.

Share your information and highlight specific ideas, strategies and actions your audience can use immediately. Even in the context of a long-term solution, this will help prospects and clients accept the short and long-term benefits.

Challenge 5: Lost in a Crowd

In many business settings, audiences sit through entire days of presenting. How will you stand out?

The big challenge of not getting lost occurs in conferences, investor pitches, and brand presentations. And here’s the truth: often it’s not the best content but the best presentation that wins.

If you want to win at presenting, you have to turn up your passion. Present with passion and deliver your message with confidence. Be the shining presentation that stands out in a crowd.

Challenge 6: Lost in Tactics

No doubt you’ve read a book, taken a course, and maybe even worked with a presentation coach. Then, you understand this challenge. It’s easy to get lost in presentation tactics.

Make eye contact. Stand and deliver. Project your voice. Refine your body language. It all starts to blur after a while.

Instead of getting lost in the woods of presentation delivery tactics, find your own ‘home zone.’ Get comfortable with speaking with confidence and credibility. Practice in a safe and secure environment. Then, apply this confidence to ever-increasing challenges.

In a short time, you’ll find that you are using all the delivery tactics without having to focus on each one specifically. This is because you’re being yourself and telling your authentic story.

Challenge 7: Mushy Next Steps

This is a huge challenge to success. Vague and mushy next steps spell disaster for any presentation. Even if your audience is listening and interested, they won’t know what to do next.

The best way to avoid this challenge is to identify one next step. Don’t fall in the trap of offering two or three or four next steps. You’ll just confuse your audience. Pick one next step. Make sure it is clear and specific. Use this and you’ll steer clear of this challenge.

Challenge 8: Connecting Across Distance

In today’s cost-conscious marketplace, more and more presentations are held virtually. This is great for keeping costs down, reducing time out of the office, and increasing the number of presentations you can make in a day.

However, it’s not so great if you don’t overcome the distance challenge. Presenting virtually, it’s even more important to build rapport and grow trust. Don’t leave this up to chance or luck.

If you want to guarantee success, learn how to be effective in facilitating conversations at a distance.

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Debt Settlement Negotiations – How to Get Responsible Debt Settlement Companies

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

What do you have to do if you want to but the best shoes in terms of quality? You will have to do a lot of searching. Apart from searching online, you will have to ask your colleagues. There is no scarcity of companies providing debt settlement negotiations. However, the level of quality is low in most cases. You need to search a lot to find the right firm. You can also go for individual consultants. Some of them are experts at debt settlement negotiations but they charge a high fee.

Finding reputed companies does not mean that you have to climb a tall mountain. The task becomes a lot easier if you use the right techniques. The following methods can be termed as most successful

1. Using personal contacts and references

This is the easiest method to find a good company. Apart from that, you will not have to pay anything for it. You can ask the people living in your neighborhood. Apart from that, you can search for good settlement companies in your locality. You can communicate with them and get a free counseling session as well. Most legitimate companies provide a free counseling session to the new clients. When you are searching online, it is quiet hard to judge the actual capability of a firm.

2. Can counselors and consultants provide the required help?

It is better to get individual help. A counselor handles only one case at a time. He will analyze your financial position and then provide a tailor made solution for you. Apart from that he can pick some suitable firms for you.

3. Referring to a relief panel for debt settlement negotiations

What is the main drawback of online searching? It provides a lot of information regarding liability reduction procedures. However, it is not a helpful option for hiring companies. Apart from that, you cannot afford to take any kind of risk in the selection process. Thus, a relief network seems most suitable in this case.

What is a relief network? It can be defined as panel of organizations. Only the best companies are selected to work with these networks. Each firm possesses a different set of expertise. A network representative will highlight the companies which are suitable for you. You do not have to talk to the company management yourself. Apart from that, the prices are extremely affordable and you don’t have to bargain about them as well.

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Presentation Tips

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Suppose you forget what you have to say? Suppose your prompter, if you have one, fails to inform you at the right moment? Suppose you fall sick on the D-Day? Suppose someone questions you and you can’t answer the question? Oh God! What a nightmare if you’ve been appointed to conduct the next office presentation. How can you get over those heebie-jeebies, those butterflies in your stomach right before a presentation? Do you require any presentation tips? Is there anyone to help you when you’re up there on the podium alone? Or is everyone in the audience simply glaring at you wondering when you’ll make your first faux pas, your first blunder?

The First of the Presentation Tips

Hey, don’t be so negative – that’s the first of the many presentation tips that are there to prop you up on stage just as you begin to crumble. ALWAYS THINK POSITIVELY.

The Second of the Presentation Tips

Never be nervous and never show your nervousness. Tall order? Not at all. If you’ve practiced your presentation in front of a mirror at home many times before the actual day of your presentation, you’ll not feel nervous at all. That’s the second of the presentation tips: rehearse your presentation several times before you actually deliver it.

The Third of the Presentation Tips

The third of the presentation tips asks you to tape record or video record your presentation. This will help you to detect flaws in your presentation so that you can correct them, well in advance.

The Fourth of the Presentation Tips

One of the most important presentation tips is that you don’t leave your presentation for the last moment. When you’re a seasoned presenter, you needn’t prepare at all for a presentation, you can deliver what you have to, impromptu, extempore. But when you’re a beginner, it’s essential that you work on your presentation several days in advance. This gives you time to practice your presentation and to identify where you’re going wrong. Once you know where you’re going wrong, you’ll be able to rectify yourself so that you make no gaffes during the actual presentation.

It’s advisable that you learn what you have to say, by heart. It doesn’t look nice in public if you’re reading from papers. Now, you must know that even if you memorize your presentation, you might not be able to rattle it off, the way you’ve planned. This is because, while you’re presenting, members of the audience may stop you to ask questions or ask you to explain certain things better. Don’t consider these pauses as interruptions. These are part and parcel of your presentation. This fourth of the presentation tips says that if you find that you’re being allowed to present smoothly and without any breaks, it’s probably because you sound like a school kid who’s reciting a long poem by heart. This is not good for your presentation. It’s not right if your spectators know that you’re doing something by rote. Your presentation will fall flat as soon as they perceive this. You’ll have to know your presentation like the back of your palm but you’ll have to pretend that you’re delivering it on the spur of the moment so that it looks and sounds natural. Tough job, but it comes with practice. As you become an expert presenter, you’ll find that you’re really delivering presentations at short notices, almost on the spur of the moment. You’ll get the flair required for presenting and the hang of presentations as you become an experienced presenter. But to get to that stage, it’s important that you keep on at it. Don’t shy away from presentations. Then you’ll never get accustomed to presenting. Remember, Demosthenes and Mark Antony also slipped at first before they came to be hailed as the smartest orators on Earth.

The Fifth of the Presentation Tips

The fifth of the presentation tips advises you to prepare for questions, well ahead before you actually face them. Every presenter has to face questions. It’s also a fact that some members of the audience intentionally ask confusing and hard questions just to embarrass the presenter. Such people are generally rivals of the presenter who don’t want the presenter to succeed in their presentation. If you’re conducting a sales presentation where several of your competitors, who are also vying, like you, to get chosen by the client, are part of your audience, presenters from rival companies may deliberately ask irrelevant or difficult questions, just to catch you, off-guard. So, it’s imperative that you arm yourself with enough ammo to fire back when the audience starts aiming salvos at you.

What the fifth of the presentation tips says is that you need to prepare yourself thoroughly with possible questions and answers so that no one can catch you unprepared. If you think that you’ve waved goodbye to your books long ago, think again. Open them after dusting them, if necessary, and slog hard. Also, ask your team members and seniors about the questions that you may be asked and ask them the right answers to the questions too. This is one of the toughest presentation tips as this tip insists that you do your homework thoroughly. Being slapdash with your academic as well as your practical preparation will get you nowhere. Another thing – don’t expect your seniors to supply you with questions while you sit back and relax. You must take the initiative of approaching them and asking them. Only then will you get the answers.

The Sixth of the Presentation Tips

The sixth of the presentation tips asks you to give handouts to all the members of the audience. The handouts must be a summary of your presentation but should be enough to remind readers of all that you said. It’s mandatory that you distribute handouts. Of course, none of the audience can force you to give them handouts but they expect handouts from you. It’s the only way they can remember and refer to your presentation, a few days after it’s over. Your name, official designation and contact numbers should be clearly printed on the handouts so that they can remember you better and get in touch with you, if necessary. However, if you’re a seasoned and well-known presenter, the audience will automatically remember you but you must still mention your name and designation on the handouts. Handouts are a must for presentations.

The Seventh of the Presentation Tips

This one of the presentation tips requests you to do a bit of acting. Now don’t get scared. You don’t have to be like Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe or Johnny Depp. You don’t have to be an Oscar nominee to conduct a presentation. All you have to do is to ‘act natural’. You should be absolutely free while presenting. It’s absolutely fine if you say, ‘Hey, so where were we?’ It doesn’t mean that you’ve forgotten where you were and are asking your spectators to guide you back to the right path. It only means that you’re ‘acting naturally’ and showing that you’re cool and not a bit anxious about your presentation.

Initially, in your first few presentations, you might be tense and taut and get irritated if members of the audience digress, but you’ll find that as you’re becoming a veteran in presenting, you’re welcoming digressions and encouraging the lighter side of presentations. Little quips; examples that evoke stories and incidents; stories and incidents that are related to the topic you’re discussing; jokes, riddles and wisecracks; personal experiences; and parable-like tales that are part of the digression actually help to make your presentation more interesting than ever. They help you to be remembered as a great presenter and your presentation to be remembered as a truly enlightening presentation. Of course, it’s your duty to steer your presentation back to its course, if it has deviated too far from the actual topic. But when you’re steering your presentation back to its right path, don’t sound like a captain or commander, steer with ease, dignity and grace so that the audience are glad to come back.

The Eighth of the Presentation Tips

One of the most noteworthy presentation tips is that you display appropriate body language. Your body language shows who you are, how confident and capable you are and reveals your personality just as an open diary reveals all hidden secrets. So, don’t walk hunched, always have eye contact, don’t slump in your seat when there’s a break, don’t yawn, don’t bite your nails, and don’t look stunned at an unexpected question. Most importantly, think positive so that you feel positive. Think that you’ll win and you’ll really win. Don’t get peeved if members of the audience taunt you. Ignore them at first, and if they keep jeering you, tell them to get out. Never hesitate to demonstrate your powers as a presenter, if the situation demands it. Remember, if you’re a fresher in the business of presenting, and you’ve prepared well, nothing should daunt you. And if you’re an old warhorse where presentations are concerned, you’ll know the type of audience whom you’ll have to face, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

The Ninth of the Presentation Tips

Eat a balanced diet. Stop gorging on junk food a week before your presentation. Don’t go out in the cold or in the rains unless you have experience of conducting presentations with panache despite a running nose and a searing headache. However, don’t be too cocksure. If you carried off your last presentation with eclat in spite of partying the whole night before and feeling groggy, you might not be able to pull it off a second time. So, the ninth of the presentation tips asks you to take care of your health before a presentation. Don’t worry. There’s always time to celebrate after a successful presentation.

The Last of the Presentation Tips

And finally, since we’re giving you presentation tips, we’ll have to mention that you try out Meeting Diary. Meeting Diary is an excellent online diary that helps you to plan and arrange for meetings and presentations. You can upload all your documents into this wonderful application so that you don’t have to carry anything to your presentation. Meeting Diary is a platform independent application and can be accessed from any PC, laptop or machine that’s connected to the Internet. So, all you have to do in your presentation is open Meeting Diary on your laptop and find all your documents. Meeting Diary is the best place where you can store your meeting and presentation agenda, meeting minutes and presentation summaries. Instead of carrying loads of files and papers which you might misplace, you can easily read off the agenda from Meeting Diary. As you can upload all the names and particulars of your contacts into Meeting Diary as well as import email contacts from various email applications into Meeting Diary, effortlessly, you can easily send invitations to your presentation attendees through Meeting Diary and know in advance who’ll be coming and who won’t. You can also network professionally via Meeting Diary. Meeting Diary is a brilliant webapp that helps you to conduct presentations seamlessly. It facilitates the processes of presentation, conference and business management. If you use Meeting Diary for your presentation and business operations, you’ll really have nothing to be nervous about. Meeting Diary is a software that’ll help you to make your presentation a thumping success and a smash hit. Meeting Diary doesn’t charge anything for all the services that it offers. Which means you can use the webapp, free of cost! Pay heed to this last and most significant of the presentation tips because Meeting Diary has been designed keeping an ambitious presenter’s needs in mind.

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Is Your Debt Out of Control? How to Negotiate and Eliminate Your Debt Legally

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If your debt is out of control, in the present consumers may find the best option for negotiating unsecured debt and therefore eliminating it. As a matter of fact, things have turned out to be great when it comes to debt relief services. This is how you negotiate and eliminate you debt legally.

You cannot reach your creditors and bargain expecting a debt reduction. In fact, it should be done under professional eyes if you expect success out of it. So, what you should do firstly is getting in touch with a legitimate debt relief service. This word ‘legitimate’ means a lot. This means that, getting in touch with a proven debt relief service, something which would not run away with your hopes of getting rid of debt.

As a matter of fact, you will be able to get through this challenge of you figure out the best ways to get a legitimate debt relief service at you your service. Here, you can refer to written sources such as newspapers and magazines as well as word of mouth. But also, you will be able to search for the legitimate and proven debt relief services online.

In the process of negotiating and eliminating your debt legally, you should be aware of the next step where the debt relief service will take on after you have hired it. As a matter of fact, it will get through to your creditors and thereafter negotiate you unsettled debt with them which it professional expertise will bring down to about 50 percent of the original sum. This would be mostly on the purpose of getting you over the edge of debt where you will be able to stand independently.

This is what you should do if you feel that your debt s out of control. You should negotiate it through a legitimate debt settlement company and eliminate it legally!

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How To Read Microexpressions To Win More Negotiations

May 23 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Did you see that? That was a microexpression. Do you read microexpressions in your negotiations?

Microexpressions are unfiltered displays of emotion that occur in less than 1 second. They reveal a negotiator’s mindset, which can be used to strengthen a negotiator’s position if he correctly decodes them. Since your opponent’s brain does not have the opportunity to interrupt the display before it’s made, the microexpression discloses the person’s real thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Thus, body language can give us away based on the nonverbal signals we send in the form of microexpressions. In essence, a negotiator is not thinking about how he’ll respond, he just responds.

The seven universal microexpressions that are generic to everyone are fear, anger, disgust, surprise, contempt, sadness and happiness.


Fear is denoted when you raise your eyebrows, open your eyes widely, and slightly stretch or open your lips. Your bottom lip protrudes downward.

When we are fearful of something the reason the eyes widen is because we want to see as much of the environment as possible. In so doing we are able to make decisions based on everything we’re able to glean so we can determine what we should do next.


An angry person has her eyebrows down and together. You will see her glaring, narrowing her lips and flaring her nostrils. You get the message that she is literally glaring at you; she is not happy with either what you’ve done, or something you said.

Keep in mind that her eyebrows would be raised if she sensed fear and lowered when angry. Therein lies the slight way you can differentiate between the two microexpressions.


Disgust is conveyed by lifting the upper lip, almost like if your opponent smelled something foul and he is wrinkling his nose from it. That’s an easy way to detect disgust. His microexpression displays he does not like what he is hearing or sensing.


Surprise is conveyed with raised eyebrows, wide eyes and open mouth. You’ll recall that you can convey fear with raised eyebrows and wide eyes. Fear and surprise have that in common. The open mouth does not necessarily have to be a part of surprise, but you will usually see the raised eyebrows and the wide eyes.

How do you differentiate between the microexpressions of fear and surprise? You watch for more signals when you are not sure what your opponent is displaying. Look for clusters of expressions to validate what you’re seeing.


Contempt is communicated by a sneer; the opponent raises one corner of her lip on one side of her face. Remember these expressions last for less than a second, so you have to be very observant to note exactly what is occurring. Then confirm what has just happened by asking probing questions.


With sadness the upper eyelids appear to be drooping. The eyes are unfocused. The lips are slightly turned down and you will hear a change in tone. Your nonverbal microexpression and your tone are combined to project sadness.


A happy person has a wide-eyed expression – smiles, elevated cheeks, and wide eyes. You’re displaying the gaiety you’re feeling, perhaps at the end of a successful negotiation.

If you’d like to train yourself to recognize microexpressions, act the way you would normally act if you were experiencing the seven universal microexpressions and note your facial features. In so doing you’ll become more astute at recognizing microexpressions at the negotiation table. That will give you greater insight per what the other negotiator is thinking at critical times in the negotiation. That information will prove to be invaluable to you… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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Professional Debt Negotiation – How You Could Reduce Unsecured Credit Card?

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Negotiation is simply considered as the best way for getting result of any problem. These days, the concept of debt negotiation is increasing a lot. The Reason for it is that it is the only way that can bring quick and fast reduction in the amount of a person’s liabilities. The process of negotiation can be done in two ways, one a person can do the process on his/her own, and this is called personal negotiation. While on the other hand, if the person is hiring the services of debt Negotiation Company, then it is known as professional negotiation. Usually, people think that personal negotiation is the best option but this is not true.

The best way for bringing reduction in the amount of unsecured liabilities is professional negotiation. Although the professional negotiators charge service fees against of their services but this fee is nothing in front of the benefits which a person is able to get from their services. The new changes in the laws of settlement have made the process of professional negotiation more genuine and reliable because as per the new statements, the company is not liable to ask for the up-front fees. In other words, a company is only liable to ask for the fees when they have successfully provided them the services.

Many financial experts are working under the professional negotiation companies. These experts play key role in the process of negotiation. In fact, it is not wrong to say that the whole process of financial dialogues depend on these fiscal agents. These agents approach the lenders and induce them to allow some discount in the amount which the person has to pay. If the lenders are not willing to give discount, then these experts use the threat of bankruptcy for them. Since bankruptcy is considered total loss, the lenders easily agree for giving some discount. When a person gets discount, half of his liabilities get waved off and the remaining amount can be paid on easy installment or at lump sum.

Hiring the services of professional negotiation services can bring reduction in the amount of liabilities because the experts of these companies know all the ways and tactics to deal with the lenders. Even the banks and the financial schools also encourage professional negotiations for the settlement of debts.

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