Present Buying in Credit Crunch Times

At the moment the whole world seems to be in the middle of a credit crunch and purses are almost empty! If you’d like to make the most of the money you do have then you need to learn a few money saving hints. Firstly reassess whether you need to buy a present. People seem to have slipped into the habit of buying everyone they know a present for birthdays and Christmas. This is fine when it’s someone you’re good friends with, but when it’s someone you don’t know well it starts to feel a burden when the money is tight. If you can’t afford to buy everyone presents, then don’t! Most acquaintances won’t mind if you only buy them a card for a birthday – especially if they aren’t really close to you, then they might also feel the same way and be relieved to not have to return the gift!

Always set a budget. For offices at Christmas discuss setting up a secret santa where all the names go into a hat and you pull out a name and only buy a gift for that person up to a set limit. If you set the limit at £5 then you can still buy some really cute gifts but you have to think harder about the buying process which also usually means people get a better gift. Ask around your office and see if everyone would like to do this at Christmas this year as it will be a good money saving tip for everyone!

Another great way of making sure you get the most from your money is to look for the best buys and money off vouchers that lots of shops use to tempt you in with. There’s lots of them on offer and you have to look at the offer and make sure it fits your needs. If you get the voucher for spending over a certain amount sometimes it’s worth buying that little extra thing to tip over the limit and get better value for your money.Look for sorting gifts by price on sites like this as it means you can more likely find something just the right amount. You can always team up with other family members to shop online together as this brings your order value over the minimum amount and halves postage costs too.

Cheap wrapping paper isn’t stingy at all! It’s sensible. Unless you have very careful friends who unwrap everything really slowly and save the paper, then it’s not worth spending very much on the wrapping paper as it just gets torn up and thrown away. Look for savings at every part of the gift buying process too – if you see gift bags cheaply then these are very reusable!

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