Present Buying in Credit Crunch Times

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At the moment the whole world seems to be in the middle of a credit crunch and purses are almost empty! If you’d like to make the most of the money you do have then you need to learn a few money saving hints. Firstly reassess whether you need to buy a present. People seem to have slipped into the habit of buying everyone they know a present for birthdays and Christmas. This is fine when it’s someone you’re good friends with, but when it’s someone you don’t know well it starts to feel a burden when the money is tight. If you can’t afford to buy everyone presents, then don’t! Most acquaintances won’t mind if you only buy them a card for a birthday – especially if they aren’t really close to you, then they might also feel the same way and be relieved to not have to return the gift!

Always set a budget. For offices at Christmas discuss setting up a secret santa where all the names go into a hat and you pull out a name and only buy a gift for that person up to a set limit. If you set the limit at £5 then you can still buy some really cute gifts but you have to think harder about the buying process which also usually means people get a better gift. Ask around your office and see if everyone would like to do this at Christmas this year as it will be a good money saving tip for everyone!

Another great way of making sure you get the most from your money is to look for the best buys and money off vouchers that lots of shops use to tempt you in with. There’s lots of them on offer and you have to look at the offer and make sure it fits your needs. If you get the voucher for spending over a certain amount sometimes it’s worth buying that little extra thing to tip over the limit and get better value for your money.Look for sorting gifts by price on sites like this as it means you can more likely find something just the right amount. You can always team up with other family members to shop online together as this brings your order value over the minimum amount and halves postage costs too.

Cheap wrapping paper isn’t stingy at all! It’s sensible. Unless you have very careful friends who unwrap everything really slowly and save the paper, then it’s not worth spending very much on the wrapping paper as it just gets torn up and thrown away. Look for savings at every part of the gift buying process too – if you see gift bags cheaply then these are very reusable!

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Express Your Feelings by Presenting Unique Valentine Gifts

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This is not the occasion for a lawnmower or a new drill, or toaster or a vacuum. This is the occasion to express love and affection to the person you love most. Therefore, valentine day gifts should reflect your feelings. So, if you are bewildered for ideas for gifts for Valentine’s Day, then you might take some inspiration from here.

Unique and exclusive valentine gifts for her and him can be difficult to find. Moreover, finding a gift that truly expresses the depth of your love and what your relationship means to you is a tough task. Over the past few years, the market has been flooded with great variety of valentine presents. There is a reason that Valentine cards are covered with hearts and flowers and verses of passion and love. This is one of the most special days to express heartfelt emotion and gratitude for friendship, love and companionship.

If you want to give something memorable and wonderful to your loved one, then check out some of the interesting ideas. Some of the suggestions cost nothing to little, while others are highly expensive. Whatever your budget is, you will certainly find something that will be remembered for years to come.

So, here are some ordinary to extraordinary unique valentine present ideas:

Create a card:

Even if you are not a very creative person, cut out a heart from a coloured piece of paper. Glue various layers together, one on the top of other. Add cut out flowers, bits of ribbon, pieces of a doily or a lace, and do not forget to add your personal sentiment. You will definitely find it on the dresser or refrigerator at present and in a memory box for several years to come.

Refresh your Old Memories:

Collect together all the things and gifts that you can find from the special times that you spent together such as a token of your first date movie, theatre tickets, photos of some special occasion or honeymoon, and make sure to include love letters that you sent to each other. Gift them in an attractive box and enjoy looking at them as you recollect your memories.

Flowers- Ever So Special:

Next, send him or her traditional flowers, especially rose. Almost every woman on this planet loves to receive roses and many men feel the same too. After all, it’s about expressing your feeling. But you can turn this typical gift into a special one by adding the touch of uniqueness to it. Make a card and send it along with flowers.

Soft Teddy Bears:

Gifting stuffed teddy bears shows your softer side to your valentine. Teddy bears are cuddly and soft and become more lovable with a knot tucked in it with free offer. This offer can be anything from back massage to moonlight walk.

Therefore, add value to your valentine gifts by expressing your feelings and emotions to the person you love most.

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Study and Apply Fundamentals For Strong Presentations

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Public speaking is an increasingly important skill in today’s economy. Whether you work in the public sector, private sector, or for a non-profit organization, you can benefit from developing strong presentation skills.

Entire books and courses are dedicated to this topic alone. We’ll briefly review some of the fundamentals needed for a strong presentation.

Remember that you are the expert. Your skills, experience, or training make you the ideal person to present the information. And, your audience needs what you have to say.

View each presentation as an opportunity to enrich the lives of your audience. Imagine yourself a coach or mentor, helping audience members as opposed to merely lecturing to them.

It’s OK to be nervous. Channel that energy to help you display your interest in and passion for your topic. Remember that for the most part your nervousness doesn’t show.

A few ideas to keep in mind as you develop your materials:

Consider your audience. Who are they, and what do they know about your industry or field? Use words and terms they understand. A person in the financial services sector, for example, speaks differently to colleagues than to retirees.

Tailor your message to their needs. Talk about profits gained, losses curbed, increased job security, more comfortable retirement, and so on.

Factor in your strengths. Perhaps you attended a workshop, conference, or seminar; worked on a special project; or developed a fascinating solution to an unusual problem.

Include a call for action. That may be to place an order or to accept your budget, plan, or other idea. Your presentation must have a purpose.

Try a process known as visualization prior to speaking. Imagine yourself successfully presenting your material. You will think of additional questions and objections to address, and be even more prepared. Pump yourself up with power quotes and other motivational thoughts. You will enter the room confident and assertive.

Always use notes or a script. Don’t risk forgetting important details and the embarrassment of having to send follow-up messages.

You must rehearse your presentation, especially if you are using equipment. We’ve all attended meetings that failed because a laptop simply refused to work with the digital projector. Iron out those bugs in advance to avoid ruining your presentation.

Some additional items to consider as you prepare your presentation.

Clothing and jewelry should be plain and simple. Large, gaudy pins and earrings can be distracting. Eat light beforehand, and watch certain foods. Dairy products and sweets make you clear your throat, carbonated beverages cause belching, and greasy foods leave an annoying film on your teeth.

Don’t bind or staple your script. That forces you to turn the pages, which is distracting. You should slide your pages as you speak. Avoid licking your finger before grasping a page. If you have dry skin, apply a few drops of hand lotion prior to your presentation. Remember to maintain eye contact as you turn pages.

Keep your hands free, especially if you’re a fidgety type. Clicking a pen or jingling coins in your pocket is very annoying. Feel free to move about while speaking to small groups. You’ll be more relaxed and in control.

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Preparing Your Valentine Presents In Baskets

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Valentine’s Day is an important date for couples (married or not) all over the world. This is the time that they focus their whole energy in celebrating their love for each other. The usual celebration includes a romantic date and the exchange of what they call Valentine presents. That’s why it’s also a busy day for flower shops and candy stores. You can see that almost everyone is trying to search for the perfect offering for his/her partner.

Why don’t you prepare your Valentine presents in baskets? Perhaps you have heard about chocolate gift baskets. These chocolate baskets are one of the most common gifts people are after. What’s great about these chocolate baskets is the fact that you can put as many variations of chocolate products in there. You can add some chocolate candies, white chocolates, chocolate truffles, chocolate tarts, Belgian chocolates, chocolate-coated popcorn and others.

Aside from chocolate baskets, you can also have those wine baskets delivered. You know you can opt to just one wine basket but you can send or give one or two more to your significant other. This is so s/he will have a collection of full wine bottles that s/he can store in his/her storage cabinets. Those things will come in handy for future celebrations not just Valentines but also other important occasions.

Come to think of it, you may also have both chocolate and wine baskets delivered to your loved one’s doorstep. That person can eat the said treats right away and perhaps uncork one bottle of wine and save the rest for the future. That seems to be a great idea for your Valentine presents this season.

Some folks are okay with single gifts like one rose, one box of chocolates, one jewelry item, etc. However, there are couples who love endowing each other with extravagant Valentine presents. Items in baskets are just one example. Some even go all out and give cars, expensive gadgets and golden jewelries.

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Improve Your Presentation Skills With These Simple Tips

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Being good at public speaking is difficult to master for most people. Standing in front of a group of people and talking about a subject can be a threatening experience. If you do find that you suffer from similar problems then why not look into presentation skills training. Presentation skills training will help your conference management skills improve as well so that you can handle almost any situation. If you are struggling with the prospect of speaking at a conference or seminar then these presentation skills could help you.

One of the most powerful things that you can do to your presentation is to add in visual aids. Research into presentations has concluded that 55% of the information we take in is visual and only 7% is text. This is proof that using lots of bullet points in a presentation doesn’t get your message across very well.

Using handouts when you give a presentation is a very good idea as you won’t be able to get all the messages across that you want to. Produce unique, useful handouts to keep that aren’t just a copy of your slides. Use more in depth information on paper and include further resources and remember the visual aids too.

Rehearsing for a conference or event is very important so don’t just spend hours pouring over your bullet points actually perform your presentation. If you have to give a presentation in a short period of time then try to practice your presentation against the clock. A very simple trick that could help you with your performance is to video or tape record yourself. This will give you some immediate feedback and will enable you to fine tune your performance.

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Father’s Day Presents

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Fathers day presents range from the simply giving of fathers day cards, to gifting extravagant presents. Fathers day is a time for family lunches and family orientated activities, spending quality time with fathers is what it is all about.

In some countries buying presents for dads is common practice. Fathers day is a perfect time to get him that special gift that you know he will really appreciate. It is easier than you think, men like simple practical things, often presents that are related to their hobbies and leisure time activities.

Weird and wacky presents for dad also have a strange attraction, something with humour will put a smile on his face, and can be a lot of fun for the whole family. All dads love a good book or magazine that relates to their hobbies and interests and with the internet at our finger tips, these are easy to arrange.

Fathers across the world appreciate the thought you put into choosing him a present, much more than how much the present cost. Fathers day poems and quotes, are opportunities to express love, respect and appreciation, without a price tag. Home made card means more to most dads than bought ones. To simply spend time with our fathers is perhaps the kindest gift of all.

The human soul is energised and refuelled through the act of giving, no matter whether your presents for your dad cost a fortune, or a few dollars, all fathers day presents and the kind thoughts are warmly received. Whether your gift to dad is a warm cuddle, a poem, or a special gift, it really is the thought that counts. As a father perhaps the best present I ever received was a T shirt with iron on pictures of my three children plastered randomly front and back. It is special because they worked together to create it for me. Even though they have now all grown up and live independently around the world, I still wear that shirt when ever I miss them.

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How Do You Find Text in PowerPoint Presentation?

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Most of us work with PowerPoint for our presentations. This is why there is a need to make sure that we know how to properly get our job done in this program. So what should we do here when we want to find text in PowerPoint presentation? There is more than a single method that can be used and be applied at the present time. Before, we only concentrate on using PowerPoint itself. Here, what we initially do is to go to the Edit menu and then click on Find. Alternatively, we can just press CTRL F on the keyboard and then we can get the dialogue box that will lead us to finding the characters that you are looking for. What is great about this feature is that you can search one by one or you can opt to search on the whole presentation in just a single process.

Now, what if you have a presentation that contains texts that are considered as right to left system such as in the Arabian or the South Asian language? If you think that this is not possible, you may think again. In actuality, you can find and replace the right to left texts easily just like ordinary characters in English. To do this, you will just have to click on Replace which is found on the Edit menu. In the Find what box, you can type in the strings of text that you want to find and be replaced, which can be found in the Replace with box. Once you have accomplished this, you can now select the right to left writing systems that are presented to you. Check the appropriate check boxes.

Then, you can now click on the Find Next button. From here, you can select to replace the current selected occurrence in the presentation or you can choose to Replace All. The latter is applicable for those that have more than one occurrence in the presentation of the texts found at the Find What box that should be replaced. After this, you can now click on Find Next so that you will be able to start the searching of the texts.

Now, if you will be working with a lot of PPT files, there are some things that you have to bear in mind. It is important that you remember that you should tweak a few of the default settings that have been provided by PowerPoint. This is because you might lose data in the future. It is advised that you first check for updates before you get started and then you should also correct some Windows settings including some issues about your printer, the way it hides your documents and you might also want to consider cleaning your TEMP folder.

Now, when you are ready to start with your PowerPoint presentation, you can begin creating them. Bear in mind the points given above on how you can find text in PowerPoint presentation. You do not have to limit them with only the English language but you can also use other languages and be able to find them easily.

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Art Presentation – It’s All About the Packaging!

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How you present your two or three dimensional art speaks volumes about how you feel about your own art product.

Creating your art is just the start in marketing your art. Presenting your art is like adding the icing on the cake. It is taking the next step and presenting your art product with the same care and creativity that you used in creating it.

It should come as no surprise that there are entire industries devoted to understanding how visual appeal affects the buying habits of the public. All businesses utilize these findings in a number of ways, from creating the packaging of their product to the displays that they use. What is surprising is how many artists do not recognize the importance of utilizing the same research to enhance the visual experience of the very art they have worked so hard to create!

There is a very real gap between the real world of art marketing and theory of art marketing. Most artists have been exposed to the theory aspect of art marketing, not the facts, which is unfortunate, because just a few changes in their approach to presenting their art could make a huge difference in their sales!

It is a fact that by properly displaying and presenting your art, you are creating added value to the piece itself. Ask any Master Chef, Gardner or musician. Ask any major retailer. A lot of thought and effort goes into creating the visual atmosphere that makes the art that much more appealing to an already interested audience.

So what IS Proper presentation and display of your art? In two dimensional art, it is the framing that an artist creates or selects to visually enhance the art piece. In three dimensional art, it is the display setting of the art piece.

In two dimensional art, the basic concept for the proper framing of your art product (and that includes photography) is simple. Your framing should enhance the colors and feel of the art image by pulling those same features outwards. If matting is used, it needs to pick up the same colors used within the artwork and those same colors and textures need to continue with the molding used for the frame. Stark white mats, common with photographers, trick the viewers eye and upon looking away, all they see is the bright white of the mat. Use selective color to enhance your photos.

If no matting is used in the piece, then the frame needs to replicate the colors and texture of the art piece.

Glass covered art needs to have non reflective glass so that the art can be seen by the viewer without glare. All the framed pieces need a sturdy way to display the piece on a wall.

For very large pieces of art, where a frame may be impractical, an artist should always use gallery wrapped canvases (NO staples on the side) and continue the art around all four sides.

If you create commissioned art and are presenting it to the client for the first time, always show it in a frame. Have the frame available for purchase, but always show it in its best possible light. Use your “good” easel for the presentation. There is a reason for the popularity of the “unveiling.” It is part of the atmosphere of suspense and showmanship and is designed to add the WOW factor. Use it creatively with your own clients.

Proper presentation is subtle. Your framing should enhance, not overwhelm the art piece.

With three dimensional art, an artist must be creative with the means to properly display the piece to its best advantage. A beautiful pedestal stand that can rotate is best but setting a piece on a stationary stand that can easily be walked around will work. Pottery benefits from the same ideas as sculpture.

The “unveiling” is a good use of suspense here as well. Depending on your art sculpture, lighting the piece to emphasize texture, form or colors is also part of the presentation.

Artfully arranged drapery also offers a wonderful visual effect. Jewelry stores are usually experts in creative displays and the artist who creates and designs jewelry should study the techniques. The brilliance of gold and silver is one reason many stores set their pieces on solid black velvet and turn up the lights in jewelry cases.

Be subtle but creative in your presentation. Nothing you use should overwhelm your art piece. Whether you are at a show, or in your studio or at a client’s home, use presentation to add value to an already valuable piece of art. Have your client give you a few moments alone to set up your mini unveiling. Have a place in your studio where you showcase your best piece to share with the walk in client. Always have frames ready and available or a framer who can accommodate your client when working with two dimensional art.

Too many artists groan about costs but in reality, there are many cost effective and creative ways to beautifully display and present your art. Use canvases or mats that can be ready made. Locate framers who can work discounts for you. Wait for the big catalog sales. Incorporate the costs of frames into what your clients invest in your art, whether they want the frame or not. That helps you build a supply of frames which you have found compliment your style.

In the real world of marketing your own art, presentation of your art is a key element! Spend a little time, effort and money initially and you will begin to see a big return on your investment!

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5 Essential Design Tips for Your PowerPoint Presentation

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When designing your PowerPoint presentation, it’s essential to ensure that it’s promoting you and/or your business professionally and effectively to your contacts. It needs to enhance your branding and image to your audience so that they get a clear idea of who you are and what you represent. If the design doesn’t match the content and message, then it will only leave your audience confused.

So here are 5 essential design tips that you need to consider when putting together your PowerPoint presentation.

Theme. Before you start creating your presentation, you need to think about what kind of image you want to promote to your audience. This will determine the kind of theme, colour scheme and font style you choose for your presentation. Whether you use one of the ready-made themes or design one yourself, take some time to think about which one is right for you.

Colour scheme. The colour scheme should match your branding and ideally should be the same one that you use on your website and/or blog so you have seamless branding across all your profiles. Whichever colour scheme you choose, make sure that any text, images, and graphics you put on the slides can be easily read by your audience.

Background image. You can add background styles such as images, textures and patterns to your slides. These are a good way to make your presentation stand out but again, make sure that your background doesn’t affect the visibility of any text or graphics that you put on the slide. If you do decide to add a background image then it’s a good idea to make it transparent so that it appears as a faded watermark.

Font. There are various factors to consider when selecting the right font. First of all, it has to be one that can be clearly read by your audience. Secondly, the font needs to match the tone of your presentation. Fonts like Arial or Calibri are fine for a professional presentation, but you may want to avoid fonts like Comic Sans if you want to be taken seriously. Finally, ensure that the font is the right size so that those sitting at the back of the venue can easily read the slides.

Save theme for future use. Once you’ve selected and adapted your theme, then save it so that you can use it again for future presentations. By using the same theme again, you will reinforce your company branding with your audience. They will therefore be more likely to remember you when they see another one of your presentations.

These 5 essential design tips for your PowerPoint presentation will mean that you will be able to promote your business professionally and effectively to your audience so that they remember you and your presentation long after the event.

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Spectacular Content Presentation Tips – Producing a Winning Presentation

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How To Producing a Winning Presentation

Producing a winning presentation is more than just arranging a number of facts in a logical manner and conveying it to your listeners. You must engage the audience in multiple ways to successfully achieve the communication goals you should have. Sensory and emotional communications dominate the proceeding of a successful presentation. However, there must also be logical and obvious points to maintain the audience’s attention and interest.

What Will a Successfully Persuasive Presentation Accomplish?

A winning presentation will accomplish many tasks, such as:

  • Persuade the audience on a particular point
  • Educating the audience
  • Expanding existing knowledge
  • Offering a fresh perspective to a current topic
  • Point out personal value
  • Relate relevance of the information
  • Exude importance
  • Interest the listeners

The audience’s evaluation is of great importance and will improve with a broader context. If the audience is not persuaded on the point that you are targeting, their evaluation of your presentation will not likely be positive.

How to Reach Your Audience in a Way They will Receive

Presenting is all about understanding the audience, including what they expect, how they receive, process, and retain information. You must create clear presentation objectives and focus on them. Straying from your objective’s boundaries will cause an unfocused and scattered presentation.

Engage both right brain and left brain thinking. Do not simply focus on the organization, details, facts, and statistics of a presentation that cater to the left brain thinking. You must also feed the big picture, intuitive, imaginative, and holistic features of the right brain. An excellent presentation will use balanced techniques on sensory, emotional, and analytical levels.

You must make a connection on the sensory and emotional levels to add a human dimension and perspective to your analytical content. Engaging the senses aids in grabbing the listeners’ attention and improving memory recall. Emotional balance builds rapport and creates influence with the audience. Emotion is a huge driving factor when making a final decision. Use your knowledge of how the human brain receives processes and remembers information to develop and deliver a presentation that will easily lend itself to the audience.

In a Nutshell

By implementing the techniques discussed to engage whole brain thinking and address every level of communication, you will achieve positive results from your presentation. Greater productivity is reached when you focus on important issues. Clarity is achieved when information is concise and balanced. Addressing the emotional and sensory levels creates a human connection that is priceless.

By employing the techniques we have discussed to engage your audience’s senses, connect with them on an emotional level, and convey a fresh perspective on the targeted content you will be on your way to producing and delivering a powerfully persuasive presentation. Compliment that by balancing both analytical information and big picture thinking and your presentations will shine above others.

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