Ways to Effectively Prepare for a Business Presentation

In the world of businesses, staying ahead of the competition is all about being able to outsell them. In order to outsell them, businesses need to continually gain new clients as well as new investors. A great way to accomplish these goals is to present clients and investors with business presentations. In doing so, businesses are able to convince their audiences as to why doing business with them can be beneficial. A good presentation includes one that is content-rich, well-focused, and interesting. Below are some excellent ways to prepare and give an effective presentation.


All good presentations start out with careful research; this research should help determine what key phrases need to be used within a presentation as well as what topics the presentation needs to be focused on. Generally, a person preparing a presentation knows what the main topic will be focused around; however, two to four subtopics should be identified and discussed too.

Choose a Slide Layout

If using PowerPoint to give a presentation, it is important to choose an effective slide layout. While every slide may not conform to the exact chosen layout, most slides should. This helps an audience stay engaged into the presentation instead of bouncing their eyes around from one slide to another trying to figure out where the relevant content being discussed is located. In many instances, it is wise to provide audiences with bullet point or numbered lists. Lists make a presentation appear neat, well-organized, and professional.

Avoid All Caps

Spelling out words in all caps tends to distract audiences and can make them feel like they are being shouted at. If words need emphasis placed on them, it is usually best to bold them.

Avoid Distracting Fonts

The best type of font to use in a presentation is usually Times Roman Numeral or Arial.

Choose a Good Background

When giving a presentation in PowerPoint, make sure slides are accompanied with an appropriate background. In most cases, it is best to use dark colored text on a background of light color. Also, avoid using backgrounds that are patterned. Most of all, make sure that the color scheme used throughout an entire presentation does not vary. For those who are giving a presentation through other means besides PowerPoint, it is always good to have a proper backdrop; this helps make sure an audience is not distracted.

Images and Charts

No matter what type of presentation is being given, it is always smart to include images and charts. In doing so, businesses can effectively communicate the information they want an audience to interpret.

Proper Preparation

In order to give an effective business presentation, the best thing a person can do is make sure he or she is properly prepared. Preparation includes developing and reciting the information to be spoken about. Many testify that the more they recite the prepared content out loud, the better prepared they are when actually giving the presentation.

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